We Are Agua Brands.

A new type of beverage created for health conscious consumers. Our brand mission is to create beverages that help the everyday individual maintain a healthy lifestyle through hydration, good-for-you electrolytes and ingredients that are functional for the everyday motions of life.

Our beverages are solutions to what today’s consumers are seeking – more energy to sustain their lifestyles, hydration to keep them active, and low calorie. Our beverages give you what you need to be at your best, leaving all the empty calories, sugary flavoring and gimmicks behind.


The Idea Behind The Company

The origins of Agua began quite simply in Agua Founder, Carol’s kitchen, where upon returning unsatisfied with the options in her local market, she sought to create a light and refreshing, naturally energizing beverage. Drawing from a love of aguas frescas, or cool waters, and Latin-inspired ingredients, the spirit and flavor of Agua began to conceptualize.

What came from those early sessions was Agua’s Active Hydration, an innovative beverage which takes the best aspects of hydrating sports drinks, stimulating energy drinks, and enhanced waters, and combines them all into a healthier version of the best of what they individually have to offer.

Upon tasting one of these new, original Agua’s, Carol’s two sons, Joe and John, were convinced their mom had created something the current beverage landscape was lacking- a NEW Beverage. Enlisting the help of a few friends, the crew brought Agua to market by taking to the streets of the Tri-State and getting Agua into as many hands and stores as possible.

As awareness rose from their rise and grind, the newly minted company gained traction, and the industry took notice. What started from selling cases out of the trunks of cars turned into bi-coastal distribution, international investment, and Agua Fruit Essence, the company’s newest beverage line.

Agua is a beverage for the thirsty, brought to you by people who have a thirst for more, and with sights set on being the next billion dollar brand the Agua team is neither holding nor looking back. Welcome to Agua Brands. Welcome to our story.